Pie Dip

This is 'the sweet appetizer.' Ever had chips and salsa? this is our version but with a sweet twist. it is your choice of filling surrounded by tasty graham crackers and topped with your favorite garnish.


The hardest part is deciding 'wich filling?' A new way to look at a sandwich. Choc'late or honey graham crackers stuffed
with your favorite filling and topped with our homemade whipped cream.


This staple item is 'all about the layers.' You alternate 2 layers of crust and 2 layers of pie filling topped with our homemade whipped cream.


This is 'your perfect pie.' You personalize it with your choice of crust, filling, and whipped cream. This is your
favorite pie adapted to fit in a wine glass for a classy look.

Pie Flight

Can't Decide? Six delicious choices of pie filling served as a sampler to tantalize your tastebuds.


Welcome to The Choc'late Mousse Pie Bar, a new way to experience pie. This isn't your grandmother's slice of pie, this is your pie made your way! What kind of crust? You pick it! What kind of pie filling? It's up to you! Pie in a wine glass? How about a pie made to your preference in a parfait glass? We have that too! Sit down, relax, come on inside and welcome yourself into the new world of a pie bar. Enjoy!


The Choc'late Mousse offers a variety of decadent pie creations that will change the way you look at pie forever! Check out our menu page to see all of the flavors we offer and make sure to keep up with our facebook page to see which flavors we offer each day!

Catering & Pie Paks

Call (806)780-PIES today and take home a delicious Pie Pak! The Pak comes with your choice of pie filling & crust and whipped cream!

We do catering for all occasions. Contact either location for more information. Check out our catering photos!